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Nima Rahbar, Ph.D.
Inventor & Consultant
Nima earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Civil Engineering in 2008 from Princeton University. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering Department at WPI where his research focus is on Mechanics and Physics of Materials. He was also a Visiting Scholar from 2019-2020 at MIT in their Department of Civil Engineering. In his own words, Nima says “my favorite aspect of teaching is working one on one with graduate and undergraduate students on research projects. I like to excite students’ curiosity towards discoveries and creative scientific advancements. In our research group, we focus on the fundamental principles that control the behavior of materials in engineering and biology at multiple scales. I am particularly interested in the bioinspired design of materials and structures. In this field, studying biological materials leads to the design of high-performance materials and structures.”
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Suzanne Scarlata, Ph.D.
Inventor & Consultant
Suzanne is the Richard Whitcomb Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She is known for her work on how cells respond to hormones and neurotransmitters. She is an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In 2016, Suzanne was elected president of the Biophysical Society. In her own words, Suzanne is “fascinated by the way that cells grow, move, or die depending on their environment”. Her early research examined the motion of fluorophores. She went on to examine histones under high pressure, the compression of lipid membranes, and the binding affinities of compounds within lipids. She is also interested in the use of enzymes to alter materials used in construction. In 2021, Suzanne was involved in a research project that lead to the discovery and creation of Enzymatic’s technology.
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Shuai Wang
Inventor & Materials Development Engineer
Shuai earned a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and joined Enzymatic fulltime upon graduation.
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Sara Heidarnezhad
Sara is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).
Charlie Maddox, MBA
B.Sc. (Computer Science), MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute

• Former USAF C-17 and MQ-1b Instructor Pilot and Director of Operations. Charlie  managed continuous worldwide operations of $11.12B in USAF assets. 

• An experienced Entrepreneur, he previously co-founded three other entities in the logistics, construction and IT industries. FedVan, a transportation company provides workplace commuting and non-emergency medical transportation. Unks Construction and Miwok Construction both focus primarily on federal contracts. Miwok Construction has a unique contract vehicle, a Tribal 8(a), that allows sole source federal contracts up to $100M. SEE ID, Inc. is an Industrial IoT team providing systems to identify, locate, authenticate and status assets in real time.
Ed Nabrotzky, MBA
B.Sc. (Computer Science), MBA, PhD (ABD), Industrial Networking SME​​

• Former CTO of Omni-ID, #1 industrial RFID company in the world​​ with Annual revenue of $20M, 40% annual growth, acquired by Panasonic​

• Localization Technology Development (+20 years)​; Listed as inventor on 5 foundational tech patents​​

• Managed 4 startups to exit (+$400mm capital raised)​; Taught Entrepreneurial Finance at MBA level​​ at Rochester Institute of Technology
Jeff Andersen
Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy. He is a former C-5 and MQ-1B Instructor Pilot in the United States Air Force (USAF). An experienced Entrepreneur, he previously co-founded three other entities in the logistics and construction industries. FedVan is a transportation company providing workplace commuting and non-emergency medical transportation to disabled veterans. FedVan has expanded its original business to 3 additional franchised locations and is poised for rapid expansion across the U.S. Unks Construction and Miwok Construction are both General Contractors which focus primarily on Federal Contracts and have completed work from Guam to North Carolina and many places in between. Miwok Construction has a unique contract vehicle, a Tribal 8(a), that allows sole source federal contracts up to $100M. Jeff lead both construction companies and their success is largely attributed to his efforts.
Dr. Isaac Nardi
Isaac received his Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from the University of Virginia. His research interests include recombinant enzymes for industrial and therapeutic purposes. He has published across fields ranging from cancer therapeutics, disease diagnostics, and cell cycle. He started a biotech/consulting company, Epigentor Consultants, Inc., and has consulted for several biopharma companies in the field of drug and clinical trial design. His company was awarded a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Department of Energy for membrane-based carbon capture employing Epigentor’s patented thermos & acid stable CA enzymes. Epigentor and the DOE are currently in publication review showing the robustness and stability of this enzyme for carbon capture. Epigentor has also recruited the esteemed professor Dr. Anindya Dutta as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Dutta is head chair of the Department of Genetics at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Epigentor’s collaboration with Dr. Dutta has led to a high-throughput, low-cost antibody discovery platform that is currently in testing for novel antibodies for HPV treatment.
USAF 3-Star General (Ret) Jerry Martinez
• National Security Consultant
• Vice President, Allegiant Airlines
• Partner, International Security Industry Council
• Advisor, Center for Asia Pacific Strategy
• Advisor, SEE ID, Inc.

• Commander US Forces Japan, Commander 5th Air Force – Responsible for managing bilateral security issues, administering the Status of Forces Agreement, and enhancing the quality of life of 62,000 military and Department of Defense civilian personnel and 42,000 dependents. Partnered with The US Embassy and numerous inter-agency organizations to develop long-term strategy and manage the US-Japan alliance. BioWikipedia
Daniel Frohlich
Rocket Engineer
SpaceX – Starship Builder, Production Engineering and Lead Manufacturing Engineer Previously with The Boring Company as a Loop Operations Engineer Daniel takes engineering designs and brings them to life by designing the manufacturing equipment necessary to mass produce products such as rockets or satellites. “10+ years of experience in a production manufacturing environment, working with new hardware through initial design reviews and into high volume production. I enjoy digging into root cause of problems, and using data and metrics to reduce labor hours and costs, working to streamline operations and bringing different groups together to improve team efficiency and increase productivity.”
John “Jack” Hardin Young
Mr. Young has held senior positions in private practice, industry, and government. As a law firm partner, he has demonstrated a strong ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems in complex government and commercial litigation, business mediation, government contracting, intellectual property, antitrust, legislative counseling, and technology company formulation and financing. He has represented major corporations and associations in complex litigation throughout the United States, in both the state and federal courts and in large company mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Young is an adjunct professor of law at William & Mary Law School where he received the 2017 Election Law Educator of the Year. He received a B.C.L from Oxford University (1976), a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia (1973), and an A.B. from Colgate University (1970).”
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Ben Tabatabaei, Ph.D.
Dr. Ben Tabatabaei has an accomplished background in economic and financial forecasting, data analysis, public and foreign policy, strategic investments, international relations, economic development and more. His more than 20-year track record of extensive economic and policy expertise. As an International Business Economist, Dr. Tabatabaei has advised US policy makers on economic development and foreign policy issues. He has also counseled private companies as well as foreign governments on strategic investments, public relations, and economic development. In his role as Chief Economist of the Florida Chamber, Dr. Tabatabaei works with Florida’s leading job creators and policymakers on understanding and leveraging economic and demographic trends in Florida, opportunities for international trade and logistics, and providing exclusive executive economic briefings for our Board of Governors members. He also leads the charge of the Florida Chamber’s International Center for Economic Development focused on advocating for free enterprise on a global stage, expanding trade with Florida’s key and emerging trading partners, increasing foreign direct investment, boosting exports, and growing manufacturing and infrastructure to continue positioning Florida as a global economic powerhouse.
Robert Heggie
Founder / Managing Director Non Traditional Retail Inc. (previously HK Retail Concepts) An internationally recognized leader in non traditional retail consulting – e.g. third party programs with major retailers: > Including Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Target, Target Brands, Proactiv carts, kiosks dept stores and vending Military bases, Marshall Fields, Hudson’s Bay, US Military Exchanges, (AAFES, Nexcom, MCX, VCS), Macy’s, Warehouse Clubs, and many others such as American Eagle Outfitters, Wilson’s Leather, Wyland, Tous, MicaBeauty, Uno de 50, Zoom/Swyft Vending, Cstores such as 7 Eleven, Human Health Org, Mode Phone, and QSR’s such as Tim Hortons as well as pioneering concepts / “Newcos”. > Marketing expert in multi channels of distribution, from bricks and mortar to Ecommerce, Direct Response, pop up retail, store in store > Sourcing, qualifying, negotiating leased, licensed and franchise programs > Developing strategies and business plans. > Working with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. > Managing, directing and implementing store specific programs > I.P. – Brand building and brand protection > Internal company restructuring and “process” refinement / re-engineering Chairman Advisory Board – Twin Towers Trading – largest landlord of Subway in the world – thousands of QSR in Walmart and major pop up retailer.
Robert Zhang, Ph.D.
Robert is an accomplished business and senior multi-functional executive with expertise in research & engineering, product design, production, supply chain management, strategic marketing, P&L responsibility, international business development, and investment. He has a track record of successfully working with leadership teams to drive results in diverse companies, industries and global environments (primarily in US and Asia) – including high profile global fortune 100 companies, startups, and fast-growing companies. He has held executive positions with some of the world’s well-known and reputable companies, including Alcatel, Sprint International (Global One), Harris. He is an effective and trusted partner known for using his engineering logic thinking, leadership, influence, and geopolitical awareness to bring creative and practical solutions to global strategic and operational business and organizational challenges. He is also known for working effectively with individuals and teams from diverse cultures and backgrounds, bringing an authentic human touch to those with whom he interacts. In his last position as Chief Engineering Officer and Chief Manufacturing Officer at Human Health Organization (HHO), his main challenge has been the reduction of lead time from product design to market and the cost of the product. He introduced a new transnational product design system and designed a lean training program across all departments as well as implemented an efficient global supply chain management system. In Robert’s early career with Sprint International (Global One) and Harris, as VP Business Development, China, he successfully opened the doors to the Chinese market for Global One and Harris, resulting in the achievement of a sales that 200% exceeded expectations for Global One and 150% exceeded expectations for Harris. While at Alcatel Asia Pacific, as Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Robert assembled a regional strategic marketing team for the newly established Alcatel Asia Pacific headquarters and established a dynamic regional strategic planning process. Robert’s career also included the role of founder and CEO of two start-up companies; a partner in several investment firms/funds, Greenfield Capital Group, CE Capital Group; and business consultants for Cascade Inc., ACTNetworks, Cascade Communications, Seiko Communications; and executive coach/advisor with a focus on international business development, production and supply chain management, investment and working with leadership teams to achieve their strategic goals.