Enzymatic Concrete
Recycling (ECR)

Concrete Recycling

When people say “Concrete Recycling” today, they mean large chunks of concrete crushed into small pieces. The problem is old cement is still stuck to the “recycled” concrete and the old cement can’t bond with new cement, resulting in low quality aggregates with limited use cases.

Millions and millions of tons of concrete are still disposed in landfills each year. ECR actually breaks the bonds of CSH in cement which means we can turn old concrete debris back into new concrete or even better, into ECM!

Recycling Impact

Costs more to dispose of a yard of concrete ($144) than it does to pour new concrete ($130 per yard)

Millions of tons of old concrete are disposed in landfills every year

We break down the CSH concrete bond
and extract the aggregate, silica
and calcium

This process brings concrete and construction materials into the circular economy

Our Enzymatic Videos

Coming soon…we’ll display a video of concrete being disassociated with our solution.

New Methods

We have enzymes that can break the CSH bonds of cement. This is a completely novel discovery and a technological leap; no one else is doing this today. Traditional concrete recycling uses a crusher to smash big rocks into little rocks that still have old cement stuck to them which means they can’t bond to new cement resulting in low quality aggregates with limited uses.

ECR removes the old cement, restoring virgin aggregate while giving us an opportunity to extract silica and calcium.

Companies spend $144 per cubic yard to dispose of 60M tons of concrete in landfills every year. So, we think it’s reasonable to say we could get paid to produce some of the raw materials we’ll use in our third product.